Wednesday, January 19

In which we visit her closet

Jeana Sohn is the artist behind Closet Visit, a blog site that, like The Selby visits creative ladies' spaces but instead looks at their closets and reveals their insides. Photos above are all taken by her and are on her blog, in the ones above; Melissa Coker, designer of Wren (which is incidentally one of my favourites), singer Nicole Simone and jewellery designer Kathryn Bentley. Lou and I both love looking at other people's creative spaces. I do like looking at peoples' wardrobes, to see how everything is set out and especially how brilliantly all the different patterns and textures clash together. Although my own closet annoys me because all the coathangers are different.
When I grow up and own my own house/apartment/loft ALL my coathangers will be identical. And also my jewellery will be in a little treasure box like these ladies have theirs, though I don't yet have a precious jewellery collection but is noooot the point.

aps xx

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