Monday, February 21


Hi brog, it's me, Loulou.
My computer keeps whispering to me that it 'needs sunshine', in a voice that sounds remarkably similar to Edward Sharpe's (hehe). The little voice has a point because if I look out that ever present window all I can see is rain dripping down but this time isn't an example of pathetic fallacy. I have been officially inducted into my residential college after suffering through terribly hilarious initiation ceremonies (cat food, vinegar, egg EVERYWHERE DARLINGS) but that's tradition for you. You have to suffer for tradition ALWAYS.
Anyway, above are a series of beautiful pictures that aren't at all beautiful...they're simply informative. Everything is always informative because we develop and transform by subconsciously (or not) absorbing our current contexts. I can't wait to take some shots of the student clothing style around here as it's pretty do-able while being outrageously cool. And that's what we all want, right? Haaa.

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