Sunday, February 6

I'm not a writer but i have writer's block

I don't really feel like blogging... this is what I can see out my window right now, so maybe it has something to do with the weather. Or maybe because I woke up at 2am - TWO AM - to go to work (WHYY? WHO DOES THAT? I truly don't know), and got to sleep at 12am each night from working at the Wellington Sevens (WHYY?). But there were VIPs there at this morning's special dawn ceremony with the Mayor and something something but I was so dead I was on complete autopilot and did not absorb anything. I did work again with this lovely guy with whom I shared a couple of bus rides with and now kind of sort of have a complete little girl crush on (he's a little old). Since he recommended The Strokes to me it is all you can hear coming from my room and now I feel like a groupie. Listening to them on repeat makes me feel like wearing my hair messy with an 80s band t-shirt and learning the drums.
I'm going to work on my quilt now. I only have 4 panels of octagan patchworks (which took HOURS) and I need to sew together more than 100 for a double size. AHH.
Also, if you don't already listen to The Strokes, feel free to join me in my groupie-ness and listen to them/these videos:


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