Tuesday, February 15

meeting derek henderson

While on 'the island' I always meet great people, whether the encounter is brutally local or internationally acclaimed. Sometimes, all I have to do is sit in one of our bamboo chairs and gaze out any one of the huge glass windows that surround me and just wait. What I am waiting for is anything and that is EXACTLY why anything will happen or turn up...For example, the wonderful New Zealand fashion, landscape etc etc photographer, Derek Henderson. He turned up in this big white, rented minivan (which he has used to transport his subject matters, a group of camping teenagers, around the place). I liked his longish hair and big glasses (a la mode). I also enjoyed how he conversed with me over tea about photography and the island locals that often resemble the characters in this Summer's fabulous film, 'Winter's Bone'.

He talked about how the creator of Selby just started with an idea that grew and grew and how he was interested in exploring and photographing the cluttered wonders that lay nestled somewhere in our Southern Hemisphere. Derek raved about the editor of i-D magazine and his fantastic obsession with THE current and absolutely NOTHING ELSE. Derek also found it difficult to remember certain celebrities name's that he photographed e.g Scarlett Johansson which gave a grounding sense to him.

Derek briefly mentioned encountering a real hermit and an aggressive one at that. This man lived in a huge blue van at the entrance to one of the island's numerous camping grounds and absolutely would NOT let anyone take pictures of him. Coincidentally, I had almost the same experience the day after and was practically chased by this lone warrior who had a scraggly white beard that fell over his topless torso and petered out at the beginning of his tight black jeans. Honestly, this man stormed out of this van swearing and yelling, giving me a HUGE shock. I quickly apologised (although I actually hadn't taken any pictures) and awkwardly walked away, feeling his eyes burn into my back as he watched through his yellow, stained curtains. It was great.

Below are some photos that Derek Henderson has taken (while searching through his work I also found that he worked on an Amnesty campaign which THRILLED me as I have been a leader for a small Amnesty group for three years!). Look him up, his photos have great contexts and themes running through them. And what's even better is that I can guarantee you he's a photographer who deserves respect for his art and approach...pretty much he's a NICE BLOKE YEH.

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Amnesty NZ Make Some Noise billboards

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