Saturday, February 26

Waking up with style

This morning was one of those mornings when you wake up and realise that the whole night you forgot to repair your leaky mind tap thus resulting in your brain overflowing with thoughts that then drip out your ears and make your sheets covered in smudged rainbows. Yeah. But then again I did get woken up at 4am first which could potentially explain the rainbows leaking from the tap. '4 am!', you cry in shock with an undertone of awe! Yes as this is the perfect time to stumble down to your hostel's quad and watch a haka that the second year boys put on for you. I thoroughly recommend it because the early morning darkness and freshness only intensifies the performance.
My thoughts this morning were, bien entendu, wide spread and varying. The devastation of the most recent Christchurch earthquake is numbing but uni starts in two days so how must we balance this? An equilibrium state of mind seems impossible! I was also thinking about the brilliance of a strong yellow/orange top/tshirt/blouse. Honestly, colours like tangerine or yellow mixed with supporting (typically more dull or black) other colours looks unbelievably divine. Is this a seasonal fad? I don't think so. Despite these colours shining from Vogue they still remain classics that (if mixed correctly) will never cease to be delicious. I was so overwhelmed with this desire for a good yellow piece that I texted mum straight away demanding she purchased a yellow blouse in Hong Kong for herself. (Aps did blog about tangerine a month or so ago)

The perfect orange blouse by Yves Saint Laurent

Style wise I was also admiring the nervous and Gothic turned housewife look of the central female character in the horror classic, 'The Shining'. This look is probably debatable but the boldness of the colours seems so wonderfully balanced with the paleness of her skin and blackness of her hair. I am simply a sucker for a person or character with a definitive look. This thoughts seems ironic though because it seems like we should just stick to one look rather than be eclectic style wise (unless your look IS completely eclectic). A collection of looks and one definitive look are both obviously clashing ideals and if I said I only went by one I would be a hypocrite. But if fashion is an art (and I really think it is) then wouldn't the clothes wearer (the artist), wouldn't they need to develop their own CONSTANT style to set their work apart (even IF the influences are obvious or many)? To be narrow or to be open.

Shelley Duvall (The Shining)
Shelley Eating Cotton Candy

Once again, our thoughts are with those in Christchurch and those with family and friends there.



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