Monday, March 21

much love monday: the farmer's market and video stores

On Saturday Aps and I and a few other kids trooped around the Dunedin Farmer's Market tasting things that were made of happiness and butter. Mmmmmm. We loved the little caravan that had been built as a cafe with little crochet flags adorning it. We loved the sunniness and cool breeze which constitutes ideal South Island weather. And we loved the food (especially the fresh cream, organic butter and chocolate crepes made by a true French man).

Across the road from the market place was a cluster of cafes which you walk through to get to this wonderland of a place called 'Mint Videos'. It's quiet but that only adds to sheer coolness of the place. Out the front in a big white room is a series of contemporary, creative and predominantly colourful art pieces. They hang and stand so naturally together that you simply WANT them all and you can tell someone with a good eye has put them together. Attached to this open white room is a little DVD store filled with ONLY the best (alternative and/or brilliant) films and other cool bits and pieces. At the desk is a bowl of mints and minties which you can help yourself to while you sign up to the store (you can choose to be called 'Miss' 'Mrs' 'Goddess' or 'Queen' if you're a girl and obviously the male equivalents if you're a boy). The fairly reserved but friendly shop keeper chatted to me and offered me two free documentaries which made me terribly excited. If you live in Dunedin I THOROUGHLY recommend a visit to this place and permanently signing up there.

Later we sat in a tiny cinema room at the Rialto and watched the French film, 'Certified Copy'. The theatre was empty apart from us so we chatted about the film all throughout and wallowed in our liberty. The day ended with coffee and chai lattes at Modaks which is a MUST for hot-drink-chill-out time.

So what do we love about Monday? Remembering Saturday. Ha.


<3 <3 these are pictures of hearts

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