Monday, April 11

much love monday: blue oyster gallery and fashion week

Last week in Dunedin was ID fashion week which meant lots of promotional and fashion related events. Yay. Unfortunately because of university we could only check out a few during the weekend. It was only an ID appetizer...but it certainly was one delicious compact bite.

On Sunday afternoon was a fashion photography 4 person panel at the small and hip Blue Oyster Gallery (opposite Rialto cinema).  By referring to photos set up in a slide they discussed elements of this very very broad topic. There were some terrifyingly educated people in the small, white washed room. There were also people who obviously had very pent up views on art and were anxious to release them hence the occasional 'what is YOUR definition of art?'. My eyes rolled, rolled, rolled. But generally it was interesting and very much linked into my visual culture paper.References were made to 'September Issue', the brilliant 60s film 'Blow-up' (interested in photography/fashion/art films? MUST SEE), famous photographers and people in the New Zealand art world. The sugary Dilmah ice tea (which was a giveaway) perked up our mood but after the discussion my friends and I were decidedly concerned about the lack of mention of the model's purpose in fashion photography. We also came to a general conclusion that it's impossible to have a focused one hour talk on such a HUGE topic (especially one that trips over ideas about the subconscious, philosophy and everything transparent).

We ended the afternoon sipping gingerbread lattes and listening to Lykke Li. There is a lot to love on this much love Monday.

P.S. Realisation! My old school friend Zoe was the front model for ID fashion week. Yay for the gorgeous thing!


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  1. I love it when you do these writing/photography pieces of the days in your life. Really really good writing, yay! :D


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