Thursday, May 19

marrow zine gigs

Yo friends!

Sorry for not blogging like mad rabbits on heat but end of semester assignment deadlines and exam stress are taking up a majority of our days! Nevertheless we are still being creative and thinking of the blog world. 

We are getting to know Kari and Hana who produce this monthly zine called 'Marrow Zine'. They are truly enthusiastic about it and run monthly gigs to promote Marrow to all the cool cats. Anyway, they asked us to shoots some band and crowd photos for them. Above are a few but to get the real d-low on Marrow Zine go out and find it in a local cafe or somewhere around the Uni. (Sorry everyone else living beyond Dunedin- it's local only).

Their including and incorporating of student talent be it with writing, art and much more is truly impressive. I'll definitely be watching out to see where these two get to in a few years from now.


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