Saturday, May 28

Suji Park at the Brett McDowell Gallery

The other day we popped into the B.M. Gallery (which involves quite a bit of a walk from our hostel to the beginning of South Dunedin). On display there was several gorgeous painted ceramics by artist Suji Park. Each had an individual character that seemed very outspoken and fluid due to the seemingly uncrafted nature of their sculpted body and painted, spreading watercolours. The figures each whispered little stories in the viewer's ears and encouraged laughter amongst other feelings of allure and fascination.

Pasted below are a few wonderful photos from the gallery's website ( I hope they entice a similar response in you but unfortunately sculpture is an art which, to fully enjoy, requires a walk-around-interaction. On a side note (a memento even...) I am thoroughly interested now in following Park's work.


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