Saturday, May 14

two things tuesday: india travel diaries 7

I know it's not Tuesday.

The glorious bangle store we went to following the I Love Rajasthan guide book. Liz Hurley bought her wedding bangles here. Out the back were little old woman carefully sculpting and painting these wonderful things. What's best of all is that the store is so discrete which allows you to simply enjoy the humble ambiance of tradition and craftspeopleship.

A photo from another crafts workshop we went to. I thought this place however was much more commercialised and less elaborate. The print you see involves several different stamps with different colours. Later, they repeat the pattern over and over again which makes a patterned blanket/material.

On a third and unexpected note I have another film from Chinese film class that had a small element of indianess in it, 'Chungking Express'. It's very ambiguous and had a fabulous reception. What's most important is that I went to a vintage store in India that may have sold the set props for this film's misenscene! How bizarre.

Also, you MUST watch a Hou Xiaoxian film in your lifetime. THE Taiwanese director. No doubt I will blog about him to a much more in depth extent but for now, here's a film trailer:


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