Wednesday, June 29

the gentle woman and inez van lamsweerde

Our fabulous friend, Charli D., once introduced me to a magazine called 'The Gentlewoman' which of course has a focus on women. It's neat. Its title is a sister to the magazine 'Fantastic Man'. I believe it's a little bit hard to come by but once sited, one should give it a try. The biannual Gentlewoman is more text based but its photo editorials are just as beautiful as any. From reading through it I think it has a more realistic and intelligent point of view on international women and fashion and style. It has a kind of genuine air that I hope will constantly remain between its covers.

In the feature that Charli lent me the central focus was the brilliant fashion photographer Inez van Lamsweerde. Her name is impossible to remember and her photos are just as impossible to forget. All the big fashion houses want her for her eye for almost an alternative sex appeal or fantastical sex. You'll understand what I mean if you visit her website. She is always working with her partner Vinoodh Matadin which is kind of special. I wonder if it gets tense ever? The above photos weren't in the magazine, they're just examples of Lamsweerde's work. Seriously, she's one of the current queens of fashion photography. Kapow.


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