Tuesday, June 21

little big dunedin

I've just finished exams and for the first time in ages I've been able to feel free and able to do something other than eating, sleeping or studying without feeling like I should be writing some essay or reading some textbook. I went for a walk today and realised that I quite like Dunedin even though I haven't really been out and explored it like I have in Wellington. This is quite random, but there really is something beautiful about the South Island clouds and sunlight down this end of the country.
Here are some of my photos I've taken over various occasions here in Dunedin:

Back of the Allen Hall Theatre on the Otago Uni campus

The doors to Plume, home of Nom*D. I love walking past and gazing in at their one mannequin on their right window which is propped up on this strange but quite cool carved wooden pedastal/stand.

At this amazing vintage shop we came across accidentally one day

When we went to the exhibition by Company of Strangers during iD Dunedin Fashion Week

 Charlotte outside the Otago Museum
In the Octagon

aps xx


  1. some wonderful images....ahhh dunedin :)) w


  2. Thank you so much for commenting. We absolutely love your blog and your work so it's pretty exciting to hear from you.



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