Tuesday, June 14

two things tuesday: india travel diaries 9

This is Baba. He used to live a very religious and natural and naked life but when he moved to the holy city called Pushkar, he had to don this lovely orange outfit. (I love orange!). He lives up this small, rocky mountain in a place surrounded by monkies. We sat down with him and he made us this wonderful honey, ginger tea in little plastic cups. Once finished we asked what to do with them and he pointed over the edge of his temple/home...where there was a huge pile of plastic cups. Very ironic. Hilarious even. I remember Baba just laughed the whole time and seemed very sweet. As we were about to leave he opened a door to a dark room, a wave of rats swarmed out then Baba went to the curtain at the back of the room and shook out one or two huge rats. Next to the curtain he kept a tightly sealed jar of sugar bits which were offered to us. His way of life seemed charming (think 'Into the Wild' but more religious and more human contact). The idea was that he offered religious guidance and people would donate so he could stay alive. Hmmm.

Feeding the monkies. Baba knew their language (it's a physical one of course and kind of scary).

I hope you are enjoying my India travel diaries which I post every Tuesday or so. This is the 9th post, so I am getting through them...but they are SO fun to do. If you have any questions about this journey around the Northen part of India (and a few other places around India) feel free to comment!


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