Saturday, June 4


The other day my friend Charlotte was reading Dunedin's weekly 'what's on' guide the other day, she was holding it in a way so I could read the back, I skimmed over a few words and BOOM I suddenly clicked that it was my short story piece printed there! It was such a lovely surprise. If you don't believe me check out their very cool website here. Also MarrowZine published some of my photos from their gig on their blog, click here to check that out too! Okay, one last thing...two really helpful websites I am digging atm are called and The first being a site where you can organise, watch and make lists of films you want to or have seen. It also has a great layout for browsing ease. The second (once you download the scrobbler) links to your itunes and also organises your music in a really really efficient way. Maybe they're just novelty but if you like lists like I looove them...JOIN. (Thanks to Zane for those finds!)


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