Saturday, July 9

eating like bears before they hibernate

I've just returned from a wonderful holiday with my family where we ventured around Arrowtown and Queenstown. The trip was initially skiing based but because of the lack of snow we converted it into something more food focused.

Before we leave Dunedin I must note the restaurant Plato. The owner used to own a second-hand store so it has a very Selby feel to it. It is elegant and cool and I had the BEST Pinot Noir there (Felton Road). Allpress (near the uni) also was a delightful lunch stop.

On our way to Arrowtown we stopped at the slightly elaborate but good Amisfield Winery. We trialed a range of the wines and I enjoyed the Riesling and didn't enjoy the Pinot Noir surprisingly! As we walked into this restaurant we passed by the King of Tonga with his henchmen in Burberry outfits. Bizzare. Other places we ate at in Arrowtown included the widely known (and expensive) Saffron. We also had delectable hot chocolates (and blocks) at Patagonia.

In Queenstown we went out for drinks then, for dinner, decided to go a bit more low-key to a fantastic Japanese cafe called Kappa Sushi Cafe. To get there we had to walk up the stairs and arrived in a fairly small cafe so due to its size, you have to book! Finally the best breakfast/lunch place we went to was called Vudu. Its reasonably small with cool pictures/photos dotted around the walls. The food is EXCELLENT.

Now, I am sitting next to Zane and waiting for uni to start again. I am in the slightly dreamy, slightly melancholy mode having just returned from family and luxury time but I must persevere!

Will blog again soon & enjoy the photos!


Eat is another fantastic place to try in Dunedin. Faaabulous food!


  1. ohhh I love eat! one of my absolute favourite places. delicious, and everything looks so pretty too. x

  2. Thank you again Georgi! Eat is sooo good. xx


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