Saturday, August 20

sophisti-cats prowl on friday nights

Brett McDowell is having an opening, who will we meet tonight? An artist? A director? A Ponsoby art collector? Or perhaps an art star, who has gone very far, to the Warhol factory in the U.S. of A. That's enough rhyme. This art star was Billy Apple who is now 75 but still highly active within the art community both making art and hitting up events. Kevin Roberts is pictured in the first photo in front of examples of Billy Apple's pop art. He looks older now. Billy seemed happy to chat but was simultaneously intimidating and opinionated. He has flare but of course, the conversation was Billy Apple focused. He discussed the power of a brand with no product and recent conflicts with copyright. Interestingly, the Maclaren theme of his exhibition is not a huge hobby of his, however the iconography is (as is common for many pop artists!). We held back the obvious question about his acquaintanceship with Andy Warhol and instead Charlotte kept it smooth by discussing the brilliant Auckland cafe 'Gala' where she always seems to spot Billy.

Soon we moved on to another gallery opening and a bite of sushi for dinner. Then, filling our pockets with nostalgic candy, we walked up to Rialto to watch Xavier Dolan's 'Heartbeats' (which I blogged about before). It was actually very good. Super stylised (how many hot people can you fit in a room?), quite humorous, and a youthful 'love' dilemma. There were some great moments which show Dolan's potential to continue to make better and better films. 

Oh how I enjoy a cultured night in little Dunedin.



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