Sunday, September 4

sunday update

At the moment I am entering lots of little competitions and Zane is preparing his posters for his Knox, 2012 Cultural Rep. Campaign. We made a film for it using my DSLR & I am stoked how easy and wonderful that camera is to use for filming. Another thing Zane and I are doing is a website...but I'll tell you about that when the first draft is up. What else is on my mind? Oh yeah! The new Frankie Magazine calendar and diary are available through pre-ordering online! Frankie is also doing a men's magazine which has the potential to be pretty rad. Check out the website here. Don't you just LOVE getting their email updates, there's always so much to chat about.

Plus click here to watch a short film for a great charity campaign. Love it.

Oh and looking for an awesome music mix that's more dj/club/indie? Totally check out this link my mother sent me.


Is it just me or is Blogger not allowing posting of Vimeo videos?

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