Wednesday, September 28

how to stay in control

 In times when you think your stress levels and everything else is out of control it's important to get a grip. Take a break. Put things into perspective and realise that the Summer holidays are only a month and a bit away and you'll be bored as hell (in a good way). I recently watched the film 'Control' which looks at Ian Curtis's very short lived life and work in the band 'Joy Division'. It was made in 2007 by Anton Corbijn (who is also photographed the band) and co-produced by Curtis's widow. It seems to stress the ease of getting out of control on life and also the out-of-controlness of Curtis's epilepsy. The film is all in black and white and has some absolutely brilliant shots. A bonus is the gorgeous and talented Sam Riley who plays Curtis.

R.I.P. Ian Curtis and to all the blog readers out there, stay in control!

P.S. Now will the real Ian Curtis please stand up?


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