Monday, October 24

in loving memory of marion

She often had a necklace of pearls on and loved to smell good and look good.

Almost every week she went to the hair salon to get her hair plaited. Just before she passed she had her hair up in two little pigtails tied with ribbons. It was the sweetest thing to see and brought tears to my eyes.

She loved her television and scandal and gossip. Her favourite TV adventure was, of course, Coronation Street. It kept her giggling and reminded her of her home in England.

This is not her but I know she and Grandpa loved tennis. They played at their tennis club until quite old. If I was addicted to tennis a big part of that would be bcause of the cute uniforms in white and how great they look with tanned legs and arms.

Grandma was English and I think always had a connection with it. She was always on the phone or writing letters to family in friends there. I liked to write letters to Grandma while being in Dunedin. It's so charming.

She had a dedication to ribbons. They were always the final touch to her look.

I am not sure if she adored lemonade or fizzy drinks but their fridge always was stock full of drinks. Such a treat.
Their house was always neat and quiet and their garden filled with hydrangeas. Peaceful and quaint.  
Marion loved, loved her food. And she loved her family.
Rest in Peace my darling Grandma.

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