Wednesday, November 23

home inspiration #4: lots of DIY projects...

Home inspiration 4: For the walls...

1. song lyric wall art to make use of an unwanted poster/art print, DIY here

2. fabric covered pinboards

3. clever and simple DIY art pieces from watercolours made from natural teas/wines, original idea from here

4. Swedish designed (like everything cool) 3D wallpaper. I usually associate fake flowers with old fashioned waiting rooms and funeral homes... but this could be an easy and cool way to give them new life 

5. DIY with little nails and string to make decorative letters, project found here

6. hanging clipboards! Such a genius idea... could be used as multiple moodboards in the bedroom, weekly menu/recipes/shopping lists in the kitchen, or flat chore lists

(also see home inspirations #1#2#3)

aps xx

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