Monday, November 7

submitting to another trial of chocolate

I arrived home yesterday and was forced to participate in a day of tea drinking and chocolate trialing which ended in a bite to eat at Osteria down the road and then watching Edward Izzard at the St James theatre. Pure indulgence and luxury makes for some guilty guilty pleasures. These series of photos were of our chocolate trial. I have never seen chocolate so cutely displayed with little cards describing each type. If you are ever in Boston (okay, it's a bit of an ask) you MUST check out EhChocolatier for its individual creations by Elaine Hsieh and Catharine Sweeney (like Sweeney Todd eh?) that make your heart jump. If you can't make it to Boston just go on their website and pretend like you are eating what you see. I loved the orange almost surrealist egg yolk chocolate which was called Maple Pecan Butter).

 Will blog soon my cyber comrades because now I am a free Loulou.


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