Friday, January 6

home inspiration #5

Home inspiration 5: ideas of ways to decorate walls and more ideas for things to DIY. I love groups of frames in different shapes and sizes up on the wall - in random arrangements, or like organised clutter; whether they be of little drawings, crosstitching, or photos of friends and family. 

1. the back wall from Erin Wasson's loft

2. diamond shaped arrangement of a collection of colourful and quirky peices, including vintage china plates

3. big abstract canvas DIY (would be loads of fun to do)

4. grouping of framed drawings in pretty gold and black frames

5. a more modern look with a group of the same size frames hung together

5. very cool project idea of a DIY vintage inspired pinwheel painting to brighten up a dark room

6. a collection of graphic prints makes a space under a staircase look so homely!

(also see home inspirations #1#2#3, #4)

aps xx

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