Sunday, December 18

snapshots from the inside

I am blogging to you from a little beach house that is nestled amongst a huge and wild jungle which covers the island of Great Barrier. It has been raining for the past week and a half (or however long I have been here). Cabin fever is fading is spreading amongst my family members like a dark and mysterious disease, but at least I still have one sanity provider, the ability to blog (every now and then when the Internet is in a generous mood). Above is a collection of photos I took while walking around the Auckland City Art Gallery. I could have taken so many more but my visit was only a sad hour and a half long! The Contemporary NZ Collection was fab! But then again every turn of the corner had more and more art and more and more charmers. This post is yet another reminder from me to you, that if you ever are in Auckland with a drop of spare time give this place a peek. It will restore your faith in New Zealand's ability to have an incredible grasp on the national and global art scene.


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