Monday, December 5

super cool vibes from auckland

My uploader is crapping out but here are a few photos from walking around Auckland. My friend Charlotte had give Zane and I a huge list of wonderful places to go. We went to the new Auckland Art Gallery which was incredible (and we will be there again in a few days). We had brilliant coffee at Theatre on K'rd. We went to an AUT art market and chatted to cool artists (I got a banana painted onto my face and attempted to eat a giant toffee apple!) There are so many cute galleries and cafes in Auckland (I particularly enjoyed Little and Friday which was a cafe in a fabrics factory. While we ate the owner thought a fish had died in the tank in front of us and was subtly attempting to check its life/death status by re-cleaning the table and enthusiastically collecting our empty plates. They were relieved when they saw it twitch.) We also went to a Huffer store where they actually design the clothes for the label which was great! Amongst all this, Zane and I got to collect a bundle of prizes for our winning film and I got an interview with the ODT. Celebrity life.

Maybe I'll get some more photos up soon but in the mean time...I LOVE AUCKLAND!

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