Tuesday, January 10

julius shulman, patti smith and sam wagstaff walk into a bar

1) Watch Visual Acoustics. It's a wonderful Arthouse Doco on Julius Shulman the world's number architect photographer. See modernist homes galore and be charmed by the constantly smiling Shulman.

2) Although I haven't read it yet, I have heard Patti Smith's
is fantastic. I am not often a  'celebrity biography reader'
 but perhaps this will be too good to resist...and Patti is still
such an 'IT' girl...
3) This is another Arthouse doco. Although it is not
as well done as other ones I have seen it still is
very interesting with shots Patti Smith often talking.
Sam Wagstaff was celebrated and Mapplethorpe
condemned for being manipulative and his
dominatrix works not as good as people made
them out to be. For similar reasons as what some of
the interviewed art historians stated, I would have to

So here was a brief list of things on my mind and now I am off to enjoy a surprising burst of summer sun!

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