Saturday, February 18

taveras and trimester two

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all well. I've moved into my flat and Aps is in hers so it's all go down here in student town. For the past two days the weather has been gorgeous but now it's raining...again. This morning I spent a whole lot of time writing up a review to the fantastic film The Artist (I'll link the review later). It took me a long time to get back into that kind of writing style so hopefully it'll be okay. Next week I'm doing a bit of Orientation Week event photography and I have my prelim. 2nd year Law lecture! There's a lot going on! But without further rambling, I'll explain the above photos by Caroll Taveras.

Taveras has gone to a range of locations (from Italy to Bolivia) and taken two slightly different shots of the same subject, then put the photos together as diptychs to create an eye teasing affect that comments on perspective and truth. I get the feeling from reading up about her that she doesn't want to express ideas of separation and isolation found in our differences of perspective but rather she wants to express the idea that one place can actually become many many different places depending on where you stand.

Thanks nowness for the inspiration and Carol Traveras for the've given me some ideas!


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