Sunday, May 6

suji parks car again on the best street of the art world

I loved Suji Park when I first saw her work at Brett McDowell's gallery in Dunedin and now she's back with a collection of sculptures that reaches new heights (so to speak) and more incredible detail than ever. This series of work seems to be the exotic, night-time creature equivalents of the collection I saw at Brett's. It feels as if the bodies have evolved and matured to capture a more haunting beauty. Or perhaps these sculptures are the wild 'Former Things' from an older and darker world to her earlier sculptures? The surface detail is intricate and the colour is rich yet the way the sculptures are shaped is disturbing.

Suji's show will start this week at the Ivan Anthony Gallery in Auckland. If you are serious about your art, I would not forgive you if were in Auckland and missed this show. In just one year the value of Suji's work has increased dramatically and the artist's own transformation in her work is (in my opinion) undeniable. I seriously wish I had the money to invest in few pieces.


Excuse that terrible title -witty-ness escapes me.

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