Sunday, September 16

suji park - mollusca

On Friday I went to another opening at the Brett McDowell Gallery to see a new exhibition of Suji Park's sculptures. This time around, her sculptures were laid out on an intricate criss-cross of pale bricks in the centre of the gallery's floor. The crowd was invited to walk around and examine all the fantastic details of the sculptures from different angles (however it terrified me when I saw people pick them up - I cannot STAND disrespectful punters who think everything is arty-farty" and therefore touchable).

The exhibition's title is 'Mollusca' and on studying Suji's creatures you can guess as to why this is the title. The sculptures take on forms as invertebrate animals with human-like heads that gaze in anguish or humour, reminding me of the earlier exhibition I saw of her. The painted patterns dotted on their skin could be tiny, tiny mollusks themselves or perhaps an interesting pattern formed from exposure to the elements.

At a different angle, the sculptures take on the form of resting deers. However, what they reminded me of the most was the spirit characters from the animation 'Spirited Away'. Like those animated creatures, the sculptures can seem sweet and fragile one moment then grotesque and terrifying the next. I love that about Suji's work - it simply resonates with personality. I heard that Suji takes each sculpture around in her handbag with her in order to get to know it and only once that connection is established is the sculpture painted. How charming is that?

For all the art collectors out there - one word of warning: if you're thinking of buying Suji Park's work, get in quick! Between the space of one year, her sculptures have gone from $500 to about $2,500. Suji Park's art is certainly hot and there's no questions as to why!


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