Wednesday, October 24

males (and i'm not talking about the patriarchy)

Once again Dunedin has produced some excellent music talent in the form of Males (note the capital 'M' please). I have been listening to Males' music all week and I am seriously impressed by this fuse of garage-pop-candy-punk. Imagine what you feel watching a John Hughes film but put into music, within the context and influences of this current decade - this totally obscure analogy IS Males...And isn't their cover art (featured above) just the best? Can't wait to see them in Wellington (lol as opposed to Dunedin where they have been performing all year round and I have somehow completely missed out). Oh - Two Cartoons will be performing too (another BRILL Dunedin band) so get onto their website // tumblr and search/listen/stalk THEN GO TO SEE THEM LIVE.

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