Thursday, November 8

elver satchels & other news

I am so excited by this beautiful New Zealand product that I happened to stumble across. Excellent design (and branding). And is it too earlier to say these bags are totally cooler than Herschel's? Hehe my nationalism is showing... Check out Elever's website here (this is where I found these photos).

On another note, I've finished exams and now I am crawled up in bed and I am not going to wake up up in forever. It's been an entire year's worth of study/learning Law so it's hard to feel relieved when I am this drained. But there's a lot to look forward to in the next months & I'll keep you posted! Hope all is well for you.

P.S. I spent my entire Wednesday watching the American elections (via Huffpost online - excellent coverage & I could not stand the negativity & bias of Fox). The results were terribly thrilling & exciting with not only Obama being re-elected but also some several first-times for women and gays in leadership! These results provided an important message for the Republican party - that it may be time for some soul-searching & revising, perhaps by recognising the need to embrace diversity & pull itself forward from the 1950s (to paraphrase a tweet from the New Yorker) to actually recognise some contemporary issues.


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