Friday, November 30

my first comme des garcons

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I am terribly thrilled by my day so far. This morning Mum and I went out to Seatoun to spend a voucher that a person she worked with gave her. The voucher was for the store 'Harrys' which stocks clothing particularly suited to older women - it has an expensive bohemian vibe which doesn't necessarily always look good. But who am I to complain? Mum was generous enough to let me use her voucher to purchase the fantastic Comme des Garcons wallet (featured above) and a plain tshirt. My head is absolutely spinning with the thought that I now own a Comme des Garcons item.

Later in the day we popped up to Hamish McKay's gallery. I had seen on the newsletter that they were setting up a new show which Karl Fritsch was curating; we were lucky enough to run into Karl while we were there (I couldn't stop myself from telling him I was a huge fan). Tomorrow we will be back for a "Christmas-type thing" (as Hamish described it to us). Come along if you're in town!

Mum and I also stopped by Robert Heald's gallery (which, as always, was showing some wonderful pieces) then we went to Six Barrel Soda for lunch. I am such a lucky thing!


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