Sunday, December 9

is andy spade one to boast?

(Photo: Tina Barney for NYMag)
The above photo pictures Andy and Kate Spade - the New York power couple who seem to be constantly working on new and exciting projects, particularly in the commercial world of fashion. One of Andy Spade's most recent projects (since selling their handbag enterprise) involved him and Ryan Babenzien (a former Entertainment Marketing Director) going on a search for an American brand deserving a revival - eventually they found BOAST. BOAST, a tennis apparel label, was created by the tennis pro Bill St. John and is especially focused on classic polo and short outfits.

Andy Spade then agreed to consult on design, branding and product rollouts for BOAST - a partnership which has led to a fantastic fashion photo shoot that everyone in the commercial/fashion world is talking about. Now, enjoy some of the photos from the series:

California dreamin'


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