Thursday, December 20

vice & i-d: a holy matrimony?

Link to announcement on Vice
 And in this morning's news...VICE (which has been looking to expand the empire) has acquired i-D magazine. Don't worry!  i-D founder Terry Jones and his wife Tricia will remain partners and shareholders in i-D, as well as staying on in their current roles as creative visionaries. VICE's president, Andrew Creighton, said this about the news: "VICE is so excited to work with the guys at i-D magazine, one of the only fashion publications in the world we actually respect." And i-D's Terry Jones said this: "[it is] the beginning of an incredibly exciting chapter in i-D's history."

During this festive seasons there seems to be much love going around, but we must ask ourselves what will this new stage look like? Is the fashion world about to try a stint at politics? Will we even notice a change? Will we all have to become fashion robots, clad in Vivienne Westwood uniforms [hopefully]?
Stay tuned.


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