Tuesday, February 5

where to have the best lunch in nyc

Despite Tracy and Phil's extensive list of NYC food places, they had one favourite among the favourites and that was Freemans. Freemans was brought to life by its two founders, Taavo Somer and William Tigertt, when they stumbled into love with a space at the end of an empty alleyway off the famously cool street called The Bowery. The restaurant's food aims to be simple, old America and the interior design is done to match the taste with its exposed wooden furniture and walls lined with deer heads and old photos.

Finding Freemans (on Rivington in between The Bowery and Chrysties) was ridiculously simple despite us almost ending up in one of the coolest looking barbers (which marks the beginning of the alleyway). On reaching the restaurant we were quickly seated by our enthusiastic waiter - before I could blink an excellent starter of Devils on Horseback (bacon wrapped prunes stuffed with blue cheese for $7) had found its way onto our table. Just smelling the dish meant I had to fetch a napkin to wipe the drool from the edges of my mouth - Freemans' food does that to you. Our mains arrived soon after finishing our starter. Zane had ordered the best smoked trout (alongside hard boiled eggs, horseradish cream, toast for $12) I'd ever tasted - the fish was cold, perfectly smoked and seasoned. I'd also recommend my $9 turkey sandwich which had arugula, avocado, spicy mayonnaise with a fun side of huge beer battered onion rings for $5.

As we ate, a cool breeze passed through the dark, rustic restaurant and for a brief moment I imagined I was transported back in time to a restaurant in old American - but then a thought struck me - why day dream when the reality of eating at Freemans was so much better?!


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