Friday, July 19

max makes four million

Max is Particular
Don't offer me wholemeal bread. I will walk out of this house and die. [One minute later Max discovers that no more white bread is left in the house.] You take my bread. You take my Nutella. What do you want from me?! My baby?!

Max on Positive Reinforcement and Dogs
Max: Man, our dog was so dumb, it never knew it even had a name.

Zane: I don't think dogs know that they have names - they just respond to positive reinforcement.

Max: Oh, that explains everything! Whenever I took our dog out for a walk it was so embarrassing. He'd just run at people sunbathing on the beach. When I stood yelling his name over and over again that would have just been encouraging him ... And all those times the dog ate horse shit and I said his name, he would have just been thinking, 'Okay, Max. Okay! Whatever you say Max! Getting right into it Max! Oh no Max, I can't eat anymore!' Then the dog would vomit and I would yell its name and all it would have been thinking was, 'Okay Max, I'm eating all of that up now! Thanks Max!' ... No wonder that dog loved going for walks with me. He must have viewed me as the Positive Reinforcer.



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