Thursday, August 22

max makes six million

My brother Max hadn't read any of my Critic articles. Because I have held this above his head for the entire year Max decided to rapidly skim through some of my features and reply to them. Here is a lightly edited version of the barely coherent/poetical email he sent me (also I don't necessarily agree with what he has to say [laugh]):

Hi Loulou, 

Talking about your articles. I like the funny titles you give your headlines and how you're not afraid to explore into the deep end.

1) Summary for your interview with a musician: The cool music guy. This is so "in", so cultural, so interesting. All you are thinking when you interview him is, "yeah, tell me more about this 'lucid state you enter' (while I lucid up myself). It's not about the reward, it's what you can't see, what's inside you, it's the experience. Now look into my eyes." 

2) Summary for your article on the Dunedin music scene: Dad's life was fucking legit etc. Your feature has paragraphs with typical messages like: "Back in my day, things just happened"; "You didn't have this and this and this"; "While you have this advantage now in your generation, at the same time it's redundant because of how fucking awesome my generation was".

3) Summary for your polyamory article: Investigation into group orgies and how people have been misrepresented in their group orgies. 

"Each person will have his or her own subjective interpretation about what polyamory is, but I have always understood it as that lack of physical ownership in a relationship. We’ve been conditioned by society to feel territorial over our partner’s body. It’s a removal of that body territorial idea."  

This grinds my gears. The interviewee has inserted the theory of post-modernism into his sex life and now all he has left is skepticism. Everything is just "interpretations". Don't buy into the whole liberal love affair, with the kind of "grass is greener on the other side" thought process. Labeling sexual orientation/sexual ideologies are attempts to give meaning and significance to our actions. Also, jealousy and rivalry are things that make us work to justify our value to each other.




  1. hahhahahahahaha he's a brutal

  2. Max is fantastic, can you link his blog?

  3. Re: 3 - I don't know if you can take from the quote given that the interviewee doesn't feel jealousy or rivalry? I'm not sure jealousy/rivalry and needing/expecting to have physical ownership over someone are mutually exclusive.. You can still feel jealousy and rivalry yet agree/feel ultimately ok with including others in the physical component of your relationship ...

    Lol though - what a sassy editor max!!


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