Wednesday, October 9

poems created due to angst due to exams

I feel the cold in my fingers
I feel it in my head
Her cat is dead
Her cat is dead
It died last night
In the garden shed, out of sight.
The cat knew
And you do too
It is getting closer
It’s got its fingers around you.


The Thread
It’s snowing backwards
It’s going backwards
You are forgotten, you are forgotten
You are a shrinking stain, you are a blotch -
an unnoticed mark on the cloth of existence
Relevance is undone by one loose thread -
It unravels 
It unravels 
Irrelevance is a pile of string
on the wooden floorboards
To unwind, to unwind
It’s just a matter of time.


A room in shadows 
On a blue sky day
Other lives walk back and forth
across the pavement, outside her window
She refuses to let them in
She sits in the shadows
The shadows sit within her
The darkness of the room is etched into the underside
of her eyelids’ skin
Her fingers and toes have no tips,
they are disintegrating - 
forming small piles of ash on the carpet.
She opens her eyes and it was someone else
She opens her eyes and it was someone else.



  1. I feel it in my fingers
    I feel it in my toes
    Angst is all around us
    through my empty heart it blows

  2. not but srsly
    your poems are fab
    and I rly rly
    would like to have
    on my wall
    or in my drawers
    or not at all
    if they're just yours
    I like them tho


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