Tuesday, July 22

right in the nutcracker

1) Right in the Nutcracker - I took a step back to look critically at the age-old tradition that is the annual Selwyn Ballet. As the experts let me know, it's all gender-politics & thought-provoking ambiguity!

2) Three Institutions - As citizens of New Zealand, most of us take our personal freedom for granted. Within the boundaries of the law we are largely free to go where we like, eat what we like, talk to whom we like, and do what we like. Even at work or school we have, at least in theory, the freedom to get up and walk out. I interviewed three New Zealand citizens who have, by three different institutions, had this basic freedom taken from them. All three were put into institutions involuntarily. Lucy Hunter wanted to know how it felt for a person’s individuality to be made secondary to their function or service while in prison, a psych ward, and the army.

3) Wanderlust - Why is it that every young Kiwi wants to travel the world? Nina Harrap explores the concept of the O.E. and how you can go on yours as soon as possible.


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