Wednesday, July 30

the four women at central library

This week's Critic features are a mixture of comedy, art and history.

1) The Four Women at Central Library by Max Callister-Baker: "Scarfie culture: it’s a beast that thrives in this fine province that people from all around New Zealand, and the world, come to. It pushes us to go crazy on Thursdays and Saturday nights, and challenges us to challenge the limits of our bodies and the limits of our laws. But when it comes to getting to know the person sitting next to you in the library on a Wednesday afternoon – that is somehow “ballsy,” “uncomfortable” or “it’s gotta be a prank.” It was time to swim against the current."

2) Modern Art - A Modern Weapon by Josie Adams: "Russia and America. The U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. They played on the same team during World War Two, but only because the captain of the opposition was the more immediate asshole. In the reconstructive, politically tumultuous post-war years, their distaste for each other solidified; the Cold War had begun..."

3) Mourning [A] Son by Dr Sandy Callister: "With both the 100-year anniversary of World War One and OUSA Art Week in mind, Dr Sandy Callister – author of The Face of War – looks at the haunting realities of war for New Zealand communities and the importance of photography to the ritual of remembering."



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