Wednesday, August 6


Cover by the wonderful, forever talented Daniel Blackball.

1) Cyber-chondria by Lydia Adams: "For those who aren’t aware, the medical condition hypochondriasis, more commonly called hypochondria, occurs when a person exhibits significant distress over an imagined illness. A large cohort of exaggerated, and often insignificant, symptoms usually accompany this distress. Most people have likely had their own experiences with a sore throat they assumed was tonsillitis, or a rash they feared could be the onset of leprosy, but these concerns are soon ignored and seen as a harmless, quirky, character trait. For hypochondriacs, however, this cute neuroticism quickly becomes a dangerous obsession."

2) A Case for Animal Rights by Lucy Hunter: "It is easy to assume that 'clean, green New Zealand' is a better place to be a farmed animal than in other countries. But the hidden camera footage recently released by Farmwatch from three New Zealand pig farms is as bad as a nightmare or a horror movie. In one farm, a sow lies on her side, alive but immobile, while a farm worker circles her with a gun. He fires a shot into her head, but it clearly doesn’t kill her. She is still breathing. So instead of using another bullet, he picks up a hammer and bludgeons her in the head."

3) Welcome to the Gun Show by Loulou Callister-Baker: "Standing in the kitchen of my flat, I turn to my flatmates and ask them how many firearms there are in New Zealand. One replies, “80,000.” Another - deciding to push his guess - replies, “about 100,000.” When I tell them that there are, in fact, approximately 1.1 million firearms in New Zealand they each react with surprise."


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