Thursday, February 12

but this is what love is for, to be out of place

Wulai, Taiwan
Wulai, Taiwan
Jiufen, Taiwan
Jiufen, Taiwan
Tokyo, Japan
Yokohama, Japan
Although the adventure is never over, my time in East Asia has come to an end for now. As I make this post I am surrounded by every shade of green set in motion by a building wind. There is no one around - no power lines, no cars, no towering buildings. A place like this now feels other worldly and in its remoteness from the rest of the world it probably is. But those worlds I have experienced within China, Taiwan and Japan are still out there and they have set something in motion within me; I can't imagine my future without being back soon. Despite the challenge and sharp contrast of Beijing's environment to home, it is addictive. It is in a state of constant change, always redefining itself, always exciting - filled with a history so large and turbulent I could find myself lost within it forever. My home on Great Barrier Island will always be a place of insurmountable tranquility for me but my adventures in East Asia have only just begun. Goodbye for now, China.


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