Tuesday, April 14

dunedin diary - april

These two photos are from my flat. Several times we have sat discussing how you would define the block of outside planted in the middle of our flat. We've decided it fits the qualities of an atrium. In this small section, we dry our washing, sit in the sun and my flatmates nurture their fantastic inner-city garden. This morning, I woke up to find this part covered in snow. It's  April. What.
My friend Dan Blackball and I are working on a project for The Attic. We want to document its four-ish years of existence and attempt to uncover what purposes it has served the Dunedin music community.
Kane Strang released a wonderful album and used my photo as its cover art. He is planning a string of shows in Dunedin and soon about to go on a tour around New Zealand with his band. Absolutely keep an eye out.

Even though I still think about China most days, it feels like I have never left Dunedin. When my head isn't stuck in the past, I do start to think about the future, which remains completely ambiguous to me. All I know is that it's my last year at university. Out of my three qualifications, I have completed one, and now have Visual Culture and Law left. The rest of the week I spend managing or writing the Art section of Critic and overseeing all the sections and columns. This schedule feels relentless and it also feels like not enough. I never want to spread myself thin but in China I observed such an incredible student work ethic that I realised what humans are capable of each day. It's hard to compromise these two feelings. But, still, I will never stop believing that I must spend each day how I wish to spend my life - seeking beauty in people, in being a witness to random occurrences, in treating myself at least once a day (often with an appropriately timed long black).  

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