Thursday, April 2

max makes thirteen million

Because of exchange and because my twin brother, Max, and I don't live in the same city anymore, I haven't done these posts for a while. However, Max-being-Max remarks were slowly stacking up on my phone and needed an outlet. This highly valued post is back.

Text Messages From Max

Max: Ring me.
Loulou: Why.
Max: R
Max: Ring me.
[two minutes later]
Max: Why is my phone not quivering?

Max: Stuck in 20 min transition of waiting for something to start but not enough time to do anything else.

Max: What's going on? How things progressing
Loulou: What? Why?
Max: Just asking, don't need to act surprised twice.
Loulou: Huh?
Max: You didn't answer my questions. Why is conversation with you strenuous
Loulou: Can we start this again?
Max: Okay. How have you been (oh, complicated).
Loulou: I am good, but quite busy. You?
Max: Same.
[conversation abruptly ends]

Max: I had a mind blank moment where I had the toilet roll in one hand and I was ripping pieces of paper with the other but instead of putting those in the toilet I put the whole roll in.

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