Wednesday, September 21

all the government's dirty secrets

New Zealand Young Writers Festival was held in Dunedin at the beginning of the month. For a writing and reading enthusiast (who isn't, really?), I was terribly excited by the handful of great writers, poets, editors and creatives from around New Zealand who came to Dunedin to run workshops and panel discussions. Talking to so many people engaged and interested in writing was super heartening.

I was particularly excited/nervy to be participating in the festival by chairing my first panel discussion. The panelists were all people I deeply admire: Marcelo Rodriguez-Ferrere who is a public law lecturer from the University of Otago; Sasha Borissenko who is a freelance writer and Simpson Grierson's communications adviser; and Jessica McAllen who is a young, award-winning freelance writer. The discussion opened with an explanation of the Official Information Act and quickly delved into personal experiences with requests for information, as well as the deeper issues underlying the Act. For anyone interested, a podcast of the panel discussion has been posted here.


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