Sunday, November 13

fleshbag: an exhibition at the skinroom

Hello! My friend Kari just told me about a show called Fleshbag that she and a friend are running at the Skinroom in Hamilton from this Friday onwards. 

The description for Fleshbag reads: "A group show about the body - as a centre of being, a site of trauma, gendered, a vessel for ornamentation, vulnerable, worked upon, improved, nurtured, loved, caressed, picked up, dressed, as a means of transgression, as an object - a fleshbag." 

I have been following several artists who are showing in Fleshbag and I am so excited by the interesting conversations that will emerge from them all showing their work together. I can't wait to read about it. I have also never been to show in Hamilton and really wish this could have been my first one (but I'll be down in the South Island for the weekend). So, can you please go along for me?


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