Tuesday, January 17

pantograph punch's top reads of 2016

Photo from Pantograph Punch
I've moved to Auckland, started a new job in a small law firm and am about to complete my legal professionals course. I'm missing the time I used to have to write features and I know I'll forever be on the hunt to get as much writing as possible into my life. I was distracted from this little mood with a surprise. Today my favourite arts/long-form NZ writing website released it's top reads from 2016. I was thrilled to see my story on the list among such important and wonderful features and reviews. So much happened after I wrote this feature on social media and calling abusers out online. The conversations I had to write that story and after the story came out really marked a shift inside me. Thanks Pantograph Punch for having me and if you haven't already please check out the list.


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