Tuesday, November 21

interview: lukas starkey (musician)

Photo by Mason Fairey

Who is Pixels?
Pixels is Eamon Wells, Cindy Tan, Mason Fairey, Alex Guthrie, Lukas Hanson and Liam Pram.

How did the band form?
The band formed to play live in 2016 and kind of grew, when I started writing with Cindy, into what it is now. We're just tryna write cute songs and be a computerbubblegumpop band.

What are three words you'd use to describe your music?
Three words to describe Pixels could be "robots in love"..? or "bubblegum android duets".

What's next for the Pixels?
We are going to play summer gigs and Cindy is working on a new video for "So Lucky" off Lemoncrush. I've got two new singles in the works which will be here soon.

Where is a good place to write a song in Auckland?
I think a good place to write a song is in your bed or your room but Auckland's got good West Coast beaches, which are always amazing.


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