Friday, December 11

Chocolate. Kill me now.

I spent the day in a desperate last minute search for all things handy when travelling in China. Amongst our many detours an absolute lick-able one was the Ciocco Chocolaterie and Espresso Bar (11 Tory Street and a must if you're a chocolate lover and in Wellington). The cool dressed staff pulled out these wooden boxes filled with exotic flavours of chocolate and offered them with such love into my eager hands. We were in search for some 'courtesy gifts' to give the people I will stay and journey with and apparently (and I quote) "Lemongrass flavoured chocolate is all the rage with the Asians that come in here" we stocked up on that. 

But also I had the most delightful hot dark chocolate and my mum bought a chocolate earl grey tea and it was like a Hogwarts for the taste buds i.e. magical sensation. 

Try for advanced chocolate searching. (image from\
xx LOU


  1. woowoowowow first REAL post. this isnt frock related... why can't we join??

  2. mmm that looks like CHOCOLATE CAKE mixture

  3. Whatcha mean you can't join? It is possible to spill chocolate on your frock annnd i was shopping for frockkks. hehehe it's not cake mixture just thick ooozing chocolate!


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