Wednesday, December 9

Dear ghost audience

Back in the earlier days of this year our friendship group became semi-infatuated by the idea that the site lookbook is based around; the idea of capturing ourselves dwelling in our complete fassshun glorrry. We came to a conclusion that our passion for clothes could only really shine truly, like a pair of new balenciaga shoes, if we held a complete day of photographing eachother. Our day consisted of travelling through our great and notably miniature city with our adolescent hands gripping at our cameras, outrageous props and beautiful clothes. Our clothes' designers were some of our favourites too, such as my idol Vivienne Westwood, Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester and of course a whole heap of vintage plus a vest my friend bought from a blind women at a Chinese market. We hunted like wild things in search for abandoned parking lots, culture and fabulousness. Results were marked in red as a killer success. 



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