Thursday, July 22

Exit Through the Gift Shop

I have to keep this post fairly short but oh my gosh, I just went to a film for the New Zealand International Film Festival and I could swear it is now one of my top favourite documentaries. It was originally a documentary made by this CRAZY French guy called Thierry but then Banksy (a total idol of mine) decided to take over and make it about Thierry. Can I just clarify how MAD this Thierry character is? ABSOFROCKINLUTELY. He says, "I can't play chess, but I think life is a game of chess." and other such hilarious things.

Plus I am fascinated by graffiti art and so on a creative side this film was totally inspiring. Also in regards to Banksy, he is articulate (despite his voice being changed as he didn't want to be reveled) he is mysterious, amazingly talented and an advocate for human rights in his own unique and BRILLIANT way.

Check out the trailer for 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'. Honestly the whole theatre was laughing and raving about it afterwards. It's wonderful.


Maybe get creative.

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